Meet The Doctor

May_2009_Repose_Rebecca_Solkamans_398.jpg A lifelong commitment in helping others with the best of what Chiropractic has to offer. With the continuous advances in research and the changes in technology that are forming the health care of today, I believe that ongoing education is the key in unlocking the door to the best patient care possible for each individual. I have committed myself in learning the latest information with regards to the Chiropractic profession and the wellness of people.

Graduate: Doctor of Chiropractic, Los Angles College of Chiropractic, December 2000 Doctor of Chiropractic; licensed in the State of California Radiography Supervisor and Operator; licensed in the State of California Qualified Medical Examiner, Licensed in the State of California, expired The American Academy of Neurodiagnostic TestingIndustrial Disability Examiner Certificate Course Graduate: Chiropractic Total Solution Continuing education classes taken annually

Working with others to find the best ways to care for you. Having the connections to professionals that are as dedicated to helping people as we are is an invaluable recourse. This allows us to discuss which treatments are most effective. So when you come to me, you won't just get the expertise of one chiropractor, but you'll benefit from the shared knowledge of several experts.

Member of "California Chiropractic Association" Member of "International Chiropractic Association" Member & Ambassador of "Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce" Elected board member by the Santa Ana City Council of "Workforce Investment Board for Santa Ana City Council"

Giving of our talents to help all of mankind. I believe that it is important to give back to the community the gifts I have attained. With this belief, I have donated my time and talent and helped hundreds of people that may have never been given the chance to get the care that they need. I have also given numerous health talks in order to direct people to a proper healthy lifestyle.

Orange Lutheran High School's athletic program; I gave Chiropractic adjustments the athletes for their sports injuries Iron Man Triathlon; I performed Chiropractic adjustments to the competing athletes Salvation Army Homeless Shelter; I performed Chiropractic adjustments to homeless people La Habra Senior Citizens Home; I gave health care assistance to the elderly community Orange and Los Angeles Counties AIDS clinics; I gave Chiropractic adjustments to AIDS victims United States Marine Corps; Honorable Discharge after 6 years of distinguished service

The "On Purpose" Servant. I have made it "my life's purpose" to use the talents that God has given me to help others live a healthy lifestyle. Dedicating myself to the art and philosophy of chiropractic provides me the ideal setting to fulfill such a commitment. I strive to be an example to those around me and to encourage them to be conscious of their physical, emotional and social well-being. Such a consciousness combined with action and commitment will give people the ability to live life the way God intended: happy, healthy and complete.